Monday, February 25, 2008

The Perfect Web Diversions Companion

We hope that Web Diversions has been fulfilling your slacker needs by providing you with internet distraction content to fill those bored work moments. Of course,at times it may be hard to safely enjoy some of our suggestions. What can you do if you have a hovering boss, or a brown-nosing cubicle mate ready to sell you out to the powers that be for playing Jesus Dress-up on the clock?

Well fear not! workFriendly is here to help! Enter any URL into workFriendly and it opens a new web page that looks like a Microsoft Word document where you can see all your content. Best of all it has a "Boss Key" that when pressed gives you a page that makes it appear you are reading a word doc about time management and overcoming procrastination (hardy, har, har).

Hopefully a more Mac looking version will come out soon.

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