Thursday, July 5, 2007

Web Diversions: Resurrected!

Miss me? Thanks for sticking it out during our brief hiatus. So let's go ahead and get back to business.

There are certain sure fire recipes for funny, and one of the most popular ingredients is a big scoop of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Take any regular-old item and add the son of god and you're bound to get a laugh. Bath mat: boring. Bath mat with Jesus on it: hilarious. Macaroni and cheese: somewhat tasty. Jesus-shapes macaroni and cheese: knee-slapping good.

So the crew at Jesus Dress Up may be guilty of going for the easy laugh, but it doesn't mean they weren't successful. You can dress Jesus up in a variety of humorous get-ups and even choose what sign to hang over him. When you're done you can print him out for proud display on your mantel.

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