Monday, November 10, 2008

Write a Letter to Your Future Self

Sometimes there are moments in life where you feel you've learned an important lesson and you don't want to forget it. Or maybe you just want to remember forever how and who you were at a certain point. let's you write an email to yourself and decide when you'd like it delivered. You can set delivery for anytime between tomorrow and the year 2035. Just make sure you still have the same email address in 27 years.

If you choose to make your letter public, a version of it will be posted on the site for anyone to see. It will include your name but not your email address. Be sure to cruise other people's public letters which range from hilarious to sad and touching. Here's a favorite of mine from the former category:

Hello, futureCraig
Dear FutureMe,

It has always been my fantasy to go back in time and kick my own ass. When you do, please, be gentle and nothing below the belt. I'm sure by now you've learned Karate or something and will easily be able to defeat me. Or will you...

PS. I hope you are continuing to kick a significant amount off ass. Please do not suck.


(written Thu Nov 20, 2003, sent Sun Nov 20, 2005)

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