Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Meals; for Moderns

Rebecca Kosick has started her own blogging empire! First it was the ever-fashionable on style; for moderns, then there was crafts; for moderns (or maybe I'm getting the order wrong?). Then there's her love letter to the Mitten state, HOMES at Last! which, though not stated out-right, I'm sure would be enjoyed by moderns.

A new and scrumptious blog has been added to the For Moderns catalog: Meals; for Moderns. The vibrant photography is just as delicious as the meals themselves. Check out today's dish, Kale Tortilla with Local Tomatoes:


Yummmmmmmm! Save some for me!

This all leaves me wondering: fashion, art, feats of culinary delight.... is there anything Ms. Kosick isn't fabulous at? I guess we'll just have to wait for Brain Surgery; for Moderns to find out. 

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