Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weird News: String Cheese Bomb!

Jul 22, 2:54 PM (ET)

CENTERVILLE, Utah (AP) - A piece of string cheese made to look like a bomb forced the temporary closure of a Centerville grocery store. Police were called to Dick's Market over the weekend for a report that a someone had left a device covered in duct tape near a dry ice cooler.
The store remained closed for two hours while bomb-sniffing dogs and a bomb technician investigated.
They eventually found the device was a piece of cheese.
Centerville police Lt. Paul Child said juveniles are suspected of planting the item in the store.
He says the closure caused thousands of dollars in losses to the store, including from milk, ice cream and other items that spoiled during the closure and had to be thrown out.
Information from: Standard-Examiner

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Stephanie Palumbo said...

i got your comment on my blog - i don't think my blog links to yours, but you did comment on an earlier post, so maybe that's where the link is coming from? your comment links to your blogger profile.. i don't know if that would do it or not. i don't know.

web diversions said...

weird. i guess that was it. well thanks!