Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Spicy Town

People seem to just love uploading pictures of their heads to things. Well here's another chance to see your face on a funny little digital body.

Spicy Town is mini (very, very mini) Second Life meets fighting game made by the folks at Slim Jim. You upload your head and the game generates an avatar for you, your "spicy side" (I was very impressed with the speed and ease of the uploading/avatar process. it takes about a minute or less). Then, now that you're all spicy, you can wander around in Spicy Town, chat with other people there, and try to find and collect beef jerky. 

Mainly though, Spicy Town is a fighting game. Challenge other people to real-time "Rumbles" and get down with your violent side. As you earn points in the game (by fighting and collecting Slim Jims) you get more "moves", like being able to throw fish at your opponent. 

So check it out. I'm "Nuts Ryan" by the way (you don't get to pick your own "spicy" name). If you see me, let's rumble!

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