Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Gross Science 101

I never had to dissect a frog when I was a student. As a kid I did have to dissect an owl pellet though. This involved cutting open a giant hair ball, pulling the bones of a small animal out of it, reassembling said small animal, and writing a story about how it was eaten and killed by the owl. Yeah. Scarred for life. And, side note, whose job is it to go through the woods finding and collecting regurgitated owl lunch so little children can have nightmares for weeks?

Well, now I can relive that fun experience over again with Froguts!. And I can get that frog dissecting experience I missed out on.

Just go to Froguts! and click on the "demos" tab. From there you have three options: frog, squid, or owl pellet. For frog, dissect the little friend in eerie detail; you even have to pin down his lifeless body. Joy! Squid is kind of boring: you just take a little "name the parts of the squid" test. And for owl pellet, relive my 6th grade horror. minus the whole "write a story" part. If you DO want to write a story about it though, go for it! And then come back here and put it in the comments section.

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rebecca for moderns said...

man, but the "write a story" bit seems like the worst, most unsettling layer!

web diversions said...

'tis rebecca, 'tis