Monday, March 24, 2008


Hey Web Diversion readers! Two things: I wanted to point out that we added new comment functions using Intense Debate; now you can comment using your Intense Debate account and we now have comment threads, so you can comment on people's comments. You can go nuts!

A good excuse to test these out: I also, as you may have noticed, added Snap Shots to the site recently. That's the thing that makes a little bubble pop up when you hover over links that shows you a preview of the linked page. They're adding a whole bunch of features where you'd now get pop-up maps, profiles, and more. 

My question to you: as readers, do you find this stupid and annoying or cool and fun? Would you rather I got rid of Snap Shots all together, left it as is, or added even more crazy pop-up bubble things? I want your feedback, so lay it on me!

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