Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Drive In: Elliott Smith - Coming Up Roses

Coming up Roses is a track off of Elliott Smith's second album, called either the untitled or self-titled album, depending on who you ask.

This video was directed by Ross Harris who, besides being in the band Sukia (which toured with Beck and Stereolab), being the photographer for and playing on the first two beck albums, and producing a handful of records for people like Beth Orton, was also in the movie Airplane! when he was 10. Definitely check out one of his current projects, Dimension Mix (I want it!). This interview with him from is also jams.

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rebecca for moderns said...

so lovely. i mean, it's no 'let me borrow that top,' but pretty good.

Gina said...

elliott smith pawns guitar to buy colorful sodas for random children.

what's not to like? this is awesome.