Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Warning: in the event of rapture this blog will be unmanned!

Signs of Witness tracks the coming apocalypse. What makes this site really interesting is that it is not out to reaffirm the beliefs of the religious or to mock them: it does both! As it's tag line says, it aims to track the apocalypse for "unbelievers, believers, and the unbelieved". You get a great mix of "Global warming is going to cause the end of the world in like 5 minutes!!" (actually there's a ton of these, maybe 40% of the site) and "Both Nostradamus AND the Bible Predict Asteroid Will Destroy the Earth!" This sometimes leads to a very entertaining combination of comments.

My favorite part of the page though, as you may have noticed by the pictures, is the sightings of various religious icons in everyday objects. "That diet coke spill looks just like Moses! Hallelujah!"

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Morgan said...

I find this disturbing for SO many reasons.