Saturday, July 7, 2007

When Life Gives You Limewire, Make Limeade...

but when life gives you AlbumBase, download an outrageous amount of free music.

You know how most downloading programs go: first you have to download some application that is going to take up space on your hard drive and make all your other programs run slow. Then you have to sift through all the anime porn, spam, and random crap that comes from your search. Then you have to go song by song to get an album, usually not able to find the last 2 or 3 to make it complete.

Well friend, throw off the shackles of your downloading oppression and start stealing music easier, faster, and more accurately!

AlbumBase is straightforward and simple: sign up for an account with your email address, search for an entire album out of the 296,097 they have to choose from, and download it in less than a minute. That's it.

At some point in the registration it did ask me for my phone number, but I just closed the page and came back later and my account worked fine. If you have any trouble opening the files, make sure you have the latest version of stuffit expander.

Thanks to Travis (whose birthday was yesterday) in Ann Arbor, MI for telling Web Diversions about this awesome site!

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