Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Put Words in My Mouth!

Want to make Jesus swear at your mom? Now you can!

SitePal lets people and businesses design animated speaking characters for their websites. The service is 9.95 per month, but lucky for us they have a great demo that can provide hours of hilarity.

Just go to Sitepal and select “Demo It”. Once there, you can select different characters, including different races and genders of blandly attractive people, political and historical figures like Tony Blair and Abe Lincoln, strange animals, robots, and yes, your old buddy the Son of God. You can choose from a wide variety of backgrounds; try putting Pope Benedict in your bathroom for example. You can also accessorize your characters, change the size of their features, and change their clothes.

Now comes the really fun part: making them say whatever you want. Click on the “record” button and you will have the option of adding speech by uploading an audio file (great if you want to make George W. Bush rap Lil’ Kim’s “Shut Up Bitch”), recording using a mic, calling in a recording, or using text to speech. They will say absolutely anything you tell them to.

When you’re done, you can email your message to a friend. Or just laugh your ass off.

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HOO said...

This is great. Congrats on the new blog. Don't get lazy like my friends and I.

-- Travis

kot said...

can you post an example of this? in particular, i'm interested in hearing from the hot dog.

the stories of sadtooth said...

to kot: unfortunately i can't embed with the demo version. i will send you an email of the hot dog, but i encourage you to go to the site and try it for yourself. it's really easy and fun!