Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jog your book memory

What was that book with that woman, I think maybe in China? And she like kills a guy or something? Maybe there are some shoes involved?

Now that you've gotten appropriately addicted to, you've probably come across that annoying problem: what the hell was the title of that book you read 4 years ago about that kid who lives with that badger for awhile and like, learns to speak badger or something, but not in a Disney way, and maybe it was a true story?
Well fret no more, dear reader. Help is here in the form of the aptly named WhatsThatBook. This site allows you to submit extremely vague descriptions to their apparently psychic admins, who in turn will tell you what the title is and who wrote it. 
To give you some example of their genius, let me show you an inquiry I sent them recently: 
Looking for a book about a guy living and working in some sort of complex with a lot of other people, as a sort of indentured servant to a crazy rich guy who is ill and constantly on drugs. Maybe the people in the complex are also on drugs or brainwashed and don't know why they work for the rich fat man? any ideas?"
And from that sorry description I got a title (Louse) author (David Grand), a publishing date, Amazon link, and a synopsis 4 times as long as this Web Diversions post. It's like magic!

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